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Women travel in the back of a truck in the town of Mararaba, after the Nigerian military recaptured it from Boko Haram, in Adamawa state May 10, 2015. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye - RTX1CDBW

Women in Rural and Urban Contexts

Jul 2017

At a time of rapid urbanisation, Nigeria, like countries around the world, is witnessing significant change in how we live, what we do for employment and leisure, and how we relate to one another. Gender roles and attitudes are changing, as opportunities abound for many women like never before. Yet urban living also presents new […]

Gender, Faith and Diversity

Apr 2017

In what ways do faith and diversity intersect to exert powerful forces on gender equality and social and economic outcomes, particularly for women and girls? How does this simultaneously raise challenges and provide opportunities for advancing women’s rights?

Gender and Livelihoods

Feb 2017

Why is the experience of the world of paid work in Nigeria a gendered one? In the workplace are women treated differently to men? What changes are affecting women?

These resources and articles explore what women in Nigeria encounter when entering the labour market, how they negotiate challenges they face and strategies they take for making paid work work for them.

Gender, Youth and Education

Nov 2016

What are the main barriers faced by girls in getting an education? How are educators and policy-makers addressing these challenges?
What options to girls have in continuing vocational and further education? Is growing youth activism creating new forms of social movements?

Post-election gender politics in Nigeria

Jul 2016

What has changed for women and girls since the election of a new Nigerian President? Are new political opportunities available under Muhammadu Buhari? After the negotiation of international Sustainable Development Goals, are new ways of tackling gender equality available in the country?

Women at a protest holding posters

New Spaces for Gender Activism

Jun 2016

The ways in which women are starting to engage in political conversations and activism is rapidly changing. The growth in access to online spaces, social media and an ability to create and produce art and literature easily are creating new entry points for activism and voice. We are seeing issues of gender equality framed in fresh, unexpected and exciting ways that help wider audiences think about issues anew.

Women in a canoe

Gender and Sustainable Development

Mar 2016

The role that women can play in tackling sustainable development issues, both for the benefit of the country and for themselves is often under-recognised. These resources and articles demonstrate how women’s knowledge and agency can be brought to bear on issues as wide as conservation, natural resource management and the safeguarding of traditional knowledges. We also examine how structural inequalities reinforce the barriers women and girls face in building robust livelihoods that can survive environmental and economic shocks.

A banner in New York advertises CSW59

Commission on the Status of Women, 2015 (CSW59)

Jun 2015

In this collection of 25 free-to-download summarised resources related to the themes of CSW59 Gender Hub not only explores issues of women’s rights, violence against women, and progress in the 20 years since the Beijing conference, but also documents the challenges women face in operating at CSW and within similar global spaces for organising and mobilising.

Women and Political Representation

Apr 2015

In the wake of elections across Nigeria the questions of ‘who’s in, who’s out, whose voices count?’ are high on the agenda. In this Collection we share 22 resources we have selected on the theme of women and political representation. This month’s collection includes reports and toolkits, both from within Nigeria and globally.

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