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Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality: Recommendations for the Private Sector

Publisher: Gender Hub 2016
Author: Gender Hub

This short document outlines recommended actions that The Private Sector should undertake in relation to working strategically with men and boys for gender equality and the potential value that such strategies and intervention could have. In particular it focuses on these areas:

  • Auditing workplace human resource policies and practice for engaging men and boys towards gender equality
  • Initiating human resource policies to counteract gender-inequitable masculinity and its impacts
  • Auditing the business of the organisation
  • Developing non-stereotypical portrayals of women and men
  • Getting involved with and signing up to government, school and civil society initiatives
  • Developing a community of practice

Originally produced as part of a range of outputs for the Gender Hub e-learning course ‘Engaging men towards gender equality: Why and how should we do it?’, this output is one of a series, listed below.

  • For Governments and their Institutions  – download (101 KB)
  • For NGOs, Women’s Organisations and Activist Groups  – download (255 KB)
  • For Development Cooperation Agencies  – download (106 KB)
  • For the Private Sector  – download (101 KB)
  • For Religious and Traditional Institutions  – download (97 KB)
  • For Media  – download (105 KB)