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Fashion designer Ejiro Amos Tafiri, 28, in her busy workshop as she and her team work hard producing her latest collection that will hit the runway at the Lagos Fashion and and Design Week. (Panos | Andrew Esiebo)

Why is the experience of the world of paid work in Nigeria a gendered one? This Collection explores the challenges faced by Nigerian women in the labour market, & how they attempt to make paid work work for them.


Gender and Livelihoods

February 2017

In this collection:

Key issues

What are the key gendered obstacles and barriers women face in the world of paid work?

The workplace

How can their experience at the workplace be improved so that paid employment always works for women?


To what extent do unions and labour movements drive gender equality and represent women’s own agendas?

New trends

What new opportunities are there for women, including via online, mobile and digital spaces, in the changing world of paid work?


What potential benefits does entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise present for women? What challenges do they face in realising them?

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