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Women in Leadership Course, Lagos

Published on: 14/03/2017

Often, being a female is seen as a disadvantage, but it can be turned into a very distinct advantage, if you know how. This three day Women in Leadership course is being hosted by TSI Limited in Lagos, Nigeria, from the 3rd to the 5th of July, 2017. It aims to provide a training program that will give women an edge so that they can compete and win leadership roles in their organisation. The training course costs NGN 195,000 to attend.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Know yourself – who do you admire as a leader and why? Learn ways to model their behaviour and inspire others
  • Styles of leadership – what kind of leader are you? What kind would you like to be?
  • Team building exercises – how to motivate your team and give them a sense of ownership of your projects
  • Communication skills – active listening – how to get the most out of conversations – use of storytelling rather than memos – the importance of body language in a global society
  • Goal setting and how to achieve them – weighing up risks
  • How to deal effectively with conflicts
  • Time Management – make the most out of your day, especially your meetings
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