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Why We Care about Care: An online moderated course on Care Economy 2017

Published on: 02/03/2017

This course aims to provide a global perspective on care, care work, and care economy. The moderated training by the UN runs from 22nd of May to the 15th of July, approximately 8 weeks at 6 hours per week. The course is available in both English and Spanish, and will cost $600 to register. Scholarship is available based on UN scholarship policy.  The course is designed for all who want to gain knowledge and understanding about care, care work, and care economy, but will be of particular benefit for development practitioners, researchers, policy makers and advocates who are working on economic empowerment, public policy, and gender equality.

The course will enhance awareness, knowledge and understanding on the critical place care work occupies in development, while simultaneously providing skills and tools for analyzing and identifying types of interventions and policies for a fair and equal social organization of care to advance human development, gender equality and women’s empowerment. This course will be moderated by an international expert on care economy, and will include a series of online lectures from international expert speakers.

The course contains seven modules:

  • Care: Basic concepts
  • Identifying care needs and caregiving scenarios
  • Current features and changing trends of the social organisation of care
  • Care as part of the economy
  • A critical case of remunerated care: Domestic employment
  • Global care chains: Care beyond national borders
  • Policy interventions: Towards a right to care and co-responsibility
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