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The business case for gender-smart private sector solutions (self-paced)

Published on: 29/11/2016

This self-paced online elearning by the World Bank Group Open Learning Campus introduces the business case for closing gaps between men and women in the private sector using case studies from IFC clients. It is free to take at any time, with enrollment requiring users to have access to the internet and an email account, a working understanding of English, and to register an account on the site.

The ‘Base Module’¬†introduces the business and development case for gender-smart business solutions. The ‘Industry Module’ gives learners the option to choose between exploring case studies from the Financial Institutions Group (FIG); Manufacturing, Agriculture and Services (MAS); or Infrastructure and Natural Resources (INR). At the end of the course participants will be able to describe the business case for gender-smart solutions and begin to implement solutions with clients and partners.

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One comment on “The business case for gender-smart private sector solutions (self-paced)

  1. Murtala Adam says:

    Yes even from now on I started understanding that the gaps between men and women should be closed in business and in all activities, men and women any activities including politics, business private sector etc.

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