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Gender in Agriculture (Self-paced)

Published on: 29/11/2016

This self-paced online elearning by the World bank Group Open learning Campus will provide participants with an overview of the status  of and issues concerning women in agriculture. It is free to take, requires access to a computer and the internet, a working understanding of English, and can be taken at any time. To enroll, participants are required to create a user account with the hosts of the course – the World Bank Group.

Women play a vital role as agricultural producers and as agents of food and nutritional security. Yet relative to men, they have less access to productive assets such as land and services such as finance and extension. A variety of constraints impinge upon their ability to participate in collective action as members of agricultural cooperative or water user associations. In both centralized and decentralized governance systems, women tend to lack political voice.

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One comment on “Gender in Agriculture (Self-paced)

  1. Ndu-Okoli Cecilia Ifeyinwa says:

    It is true that women contribute almost 70-80 percent what we consume especially here in Nigeria but their voices are hardly heard in the policy and programs of the Government. However, we havw been championing the course for the Small Holder Women Farmers to be in the decision-making table as we have presented our ten SMART ACTION demands to some State Government, the Legislators and Commissioners for Gender, Agriculture anf Finance. Asking for inpute into Budgets for the next fiscal year.
    More over, there are some demands I am not comfortable about. Access to land ownership by women. 60:40 ratio in all Agric inputs. The number of women exceed men; if all women are given lands, in the next few years, there wii not be fallow land again for development by the Government. Our brothers may not have any other security they can fall back on in life. Thats my own take on these and I stand to be corrected.
    Cecilia Ndu Okoli
    Program Coordinator
    Global Missions International

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