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Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality Programming

Published on: 25/09/2016

This certificated course by The Global Human Rights Education and Training Centre involves approximately 30 hours of reading, discussion, webinars and quizzes, and is offered over a six-week period from October 12th – November 22nd, 2016. The course is intended for staff of inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, (under)graduate students, humanitarian practitioners, gender focal points and others interested in gender equality. The deadline for registering is October 1st, 2016, and the course cost is $495.

The course is based on a participatory, active learning approach, with an emphasis on critical reflection and peer-to-peer learning.  Participants will do the required readings, prepare interim and final assignments and participate in group discussions. Case studies will be used to enable interactive learning and activities.

Course outline:

Week 1: Men, masculinities and gender – key concepts and normative/legal framework
Week 2: Opportunities and challenges of engaging men and boys in gender equality programming
Week 3: Gender-based violence
Week 4: Sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
Week 5: Domestic work and caregiving
Week 6: Lessons learned and the way ahead

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3 comments on “Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality Programming

  1. Najjingo Robinah says:

    want to take up the course engaging men and boys in the gender equality programing. currently i am working with women and support them with training and vocational skills and men engage topics. i would therefore like to get more knowledge on the same topic.

    1. Steve Tovell says:

      Dear Najjingo,
      You can find out more details about this course here
      Also, if you’re not already registered you may be interested in our free elearning course ‘Engaging men towards gender equality: Why and how should we do it?’. The next session will be held in January and you can register for that here
      Kind regards

  2. Najjingo Robinah says:

    the topic will help me support men in preventing gender based violence by training on positive masculinities

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