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Engaging men and boys in gender equality programming

Published on: 17/06/2016

This certificate course on engaging men and boy in gender equality programming involves approximately 30 hours of reading, discussion, webinars and quizzes over a six-week period, running from 11 October to 21 November 2017. The course, hosted by The Global Human Rights Education and Training Center, costs $435 to enroll, and participants must register by September 1st. Participants should have a good written command of English, and have high competence and comfort with computer and Internet use.

The course is intended for staff of inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, (under)graduate students, humanitarian practitioners, gender focal points and others interested in gender equality.  The course itself is structured as follows:

Week 1: Men, masculinities and gender – key concepts and normative/legal framework
Week 2: Opportunities and challenges of engaging men and boys in gender equality programming
Week 3: Gender-based violence
Week 4: Sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
Week 5: Domestic work and caregiving
Week 6: Lessons learned and the way ahead

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