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Tackling The Technology Gender Gap Together

Date(s): May 4–13, 2017

This training webinar is an introduction to becoming a digital technology role model or mentor for school age girls. It will help get you started, show you how to use the available resources, and help you know what to expect, so you can go into schools confident you are fully prepared.  This is an online event, lasting approximately 40 minutes, with the next live webinar taking place on May 4th, and repeated on May 9th and May 13th.  These webinars will use Google Hangouts to enable the widest possible audience. It’s available online and for both iOS and Android mobile phones. The link to the Google Hangouts will be shared with ticket holders the week before the webinar takes place.

You will learn how to talk to teenagers about digital technology and gender discrimination and why both are important. You will learn how to create engaging presentations and interactive learning experiences while developing your communication skills and enhancing your professional capabilities and relationships.

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