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Interview: Katmun Gomwalk

Katmun Gomwalk (Nigeria Police Force)
10th April 2017

Katmun Gomwalk is a Deputy Superintendent of Police with the Gender Unit of the Nigeria Police Force in Garki, Abuja. She is a member of the Nigeria Feminist Forum and formed part of the country delegation to the African Feminist Forum in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2016.

Interview: Apolmida Haruna Tsammani

Apolmida Haruna Tsammani (Nigerian Federal Ministry of Justice)
7th April 2017

Apolmida Haruna Tsammani is a lawyer and a disability rights advocate. She works with the Federal Ministry of Justice, Nigeria. She founder and executive director of Haly Hope Foundation, an organization that seeks to protect the rights of women and children with disabilities. She also volunteers for several organisations including Disability Rights Advocate Centre (DRAC), Centre for citizens with Disabilities (CCD) and Speakers Corner Trust, Nigeria. She was a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow.

Interview: Joy Onyesoh

Joy Adaku Onyesoh (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Nigeria)
20th March 2017

Joy Adaku Onesoh is the president and international vice president for the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Nigeria.

Interview: Constance Chiogor Ikokwu

Constance Chiogor Ikokwu (Nigerian Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment)
14th March 2017

Constance Chiogor Ikokwu is the strategy and communications advisor to the minister of Industry, Trade and Investment. Though she hesitates to call herself an activist, her quiet but insistent advocacy for gender equity in her career in the media, and her own work towards a value-based labour system within the Nigerian government, may just be changing the way society works.

Interview: Chukwuemeka Okereafor

Chukwuemeka Okereafor (Naija Magarzine Online)
31st August 2016

Chukwuemeka Okereafor is a blogger, television and radio producer and works in promoting gender equity within the media, what he refers to as "Gender Friendliness".

Interview: Nguavese Tracy Ogbonna

Nguavese Tracy Ogbonna (Women Environment Programme (Nigeria))
10th August 2016

Nguavese Tracy Ogbonna is a program officer with Women Environmental Programme (WEP), an NGO that works to enhance the livelihood of women and youths in environment and governance.