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Redefining African feminism: the ALAMAU 2015 experience

Author: Angel Chinenyenwa Nduka-Nwosu Published on: 16/04/2015

In preparing for and attending the African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) conference, aspiring journalist and writer Chinenyenwa Angel Nduka-Nwosu gave pause to reflect on African feminism, on the range of reactions from African men and women, and on what it does and perhaps should mean to be a feminist in Africa today. Reprinted with permission.

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I will not shed tears in vain

Author: Victor Adejoh Published on: 01/04/2015
Pregnant women and mothers leaving a clinic

Pregnant women and mothers leaving a clinic

Every fifteen minutes a woman in Nigeria dies during pregnancy or child birth. This blog asks ‘why should this still be the case’? Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa yet the rates of women dying in child birth are worse than those of much poorer countries like Sudan, Mali and Togo.

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Why women’s rights lie at the heart of the 2015 Nigerian elections

Author: Stephen Wood Published on: 02/03/2015

Delays to Nigeria’s highly contested Presidential elections have attracted a great deal of international attention in the last couple of months. Accusations by the challenger, Muhammadu Buhari, that a failure to tackle the Boko Haram insurgency is being used by President Goodluck Jonathan as an excuse to prevent free, fair and safe elections for Nigerians dominates the headlines. Interestingly however, this reading of the political situation overlooks the fact that issues of women’s rights lie squarely at the heart of many of the key political challenges facing the country.

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What does it take for a woman to be in politics?

Author: Esther Agbon Published on: 01/03/2015

Leadership training for young female activists

How do you have a training geared at awakening the interest of young females between the ages of 15 – 30 while also strengthening the skills of the older women on lobbying and advocacy for political leadership? This blog tells the story of an event organised by ActionAid Nigeria that sought to do just that.

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Challenges for a better future for African Women; Political Commitment or Institutional Capacity?

Author: Alem Asmelash Published on: 30/01/2015

In this African Solutions for Africa (AfSol) blog, Alem Asmelash examines the challenges facing the fulfilment of the Africa’s Agenda 2063 commitment to gender equality, both in terms of political leadership and institutional capacity. Alem outlines the scale of the task ahead, but also highlights successes that suggest that with the right leadership, a transformative approach could achieve Africa’s wider ambitions.

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Africa Reflecting: A year of philosophical introspection ahead for Africa

Author: Minna Salami Published on: 21/12/2014

Africa Reflecting

“On the brink of the new year, we are encouraged to look into the future with hope. But given the misfortune that 2014 was when it comes to African affairs, I am not hopeful about 2015…”

In this article, Minna Salami reflects on the difficult year that was 2014 for the African continent, yet goes on to say that, whatever 2015 holds, we can make a more meaningful year in terms of our intellectual development. Salami proposes that 2015 be a year dedicated to reflecting and looking inward, and offers a number of questions that we could begin to contemplate. Reprinted with permission.

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From Nigeria to Canada to the UK gender-based violence knows no borders

Author: Chioma Akuabia Ukwuagu; Genevieve Gauthier; Jemma Stringer Published on: 09/12/2014

“The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign, bookended quite deliberately by two international days of reflection and action which open and close it: the International Day of Eliminating Violence Against Women and International Human Rights Day. It’s a period that we take very seriously at Oxfam. We cannot work with others to overcome poverty without addressing gender inequality. We called on Oxfam’s gender specialists in Nigeria, Canada and the UK to tell us more. Here’s what they had to say…”

Reprinted with permission.

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Aisha Umar is an Amazing Nigerian Woman

Author: Jameelah Yusuf Published on: 25/11/2014

Aisha Umar at her Maitama Taxi Park

“I find Aisha Umar or Hajia (as popularly known by her colleagues) an amazing woman who against all odds have struggled and triumphed in carving a niche for herself in the walls of success. Her story is worth a read, ovation, appreciation and encouragement.”

In this Konnect Africa blog, Jameelah Yusuf profiles the inspirational Aisha Umar, and her journey of perseverance and success in a male dominated environment. Reprinted with permission.

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Nigeria’s woman problem

Author: Chinelo Onwualu Published on: 24/11/2014

“In my city, Abuja, an NGO called the Society against Prostitution and Child Labour has been collaborating with the city’s Environmental Protection Board to round up any woman found on a sidewalk after dark and charge them with prostitution. There is rarely any evidence of sexual solicitation in these cases. The only evidence used being the women’s locations (out of the house) and dressing (a vastly subjective “indecent”)..”

(Reprinted with permission)

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